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Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy

Besides looking professionally great, A thick epoxy coating makes your garage way stronger. So you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping a heavy wrench or spilling chemicals. It is super easy to maintain epoxy floor, just a little mild soap and water is all it takes.

  • Strong & Durable.
  • Covers cracks & flaws on Concrete.
  • Moisture & Stain Resistant – Easy to clean
  • Non Slippery

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How We Do it

Epoxy Floor system is a multi-layered coating application which begins with floor preparation, involves either floor grinding or acid etching based on floor condition. The next is a base coat that have priming and adhesive properties on which coloured chips are applied to add density and texture. The Final coat is a clear polyurethane coat that gives the surface and clean and glossy look. This sealer is slip resistant and protects the surface from uv radiation.

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