House Painting: Everything You Need to Know

Painting a house is a big project and often the one that enhances the value of your property by manifolds, without you breaking the bank. While there are several professional painting contractors Vancouver, the knowledge a common property owner has about house painting is limited.

You will learn:
  1. Why is a house painting project critical?
  2. DIY vs. Professional contractors
  3. Interior painting tips
  4. Exterior painting tips
  5. Hiring professional painting services Vancouver.

Compiled below is stacks of information on house painting projects that you must know before you kick start your summer painting project.

1. Why is a house painting project critical?

Whether you need a new look or a better price for your property, a fresh coat of paint is what you need to sort all your purposes. House painting is a major project with several phases and each one having its own importance.

Because a house has a range of surfaces; all different in size, shape and nature it demands a range of skills to paint various surfaces efficiently. Moreover, choosing the right color, tool, application technique and after care is also very challenging.

Painting projects are critical because they can either make or break the impression of your house besides adding to its functionality and structural stability.

2. DIY vs. Professional contractors

As soon as you decide to start a house painting project, the first question that pops in the mind is –DIY vs. Professional Contractors. It is a common choice to try DIY painting but the results are not always as great as expected. House painting demands a different level of skills, knowledge, tools and experience and as a novice, you certainly lack them. On the other hand, time served painting contractors are licensed and certified to paint a range of houses and committed to deliver outstanding results.

3. Interior painting tips

Interior painting is a broader concept and you need to know that it is performed in a number of steps. Right from choosing the right interior paint to prepping up the surfaces, protecting various surfaces to applying the paint and cleaning afterwards, interior painting is complex. It is best to hire professional interior painting services providers and let them handle the house painting requirements.

4. Exterior painting tips

Choosing the best exterior paint is the key to a successful exterior painting project. Exterior walls are exposed to a range of elements and hence an all-weather safe paint is recommended. Moreover, there are a range of outdoor spaces including walls, gutter and fascia, porches, decks, driveways and more and each one of them needs to be painted in a distinctive manner. Also, there are many structural components in the exterior part of your house that needs to be protected while painting. Make sure the painting contractors use protection for these


5. Hiring professional painting services Vancouver

It is best to leave the complex job for the professionals and see the best results come out of your painting project. While searching for a painting company, check their project portfolio and costing. Compare prices of more than three companies and do read the painting contractor’s ratings and reviews.

Hope this knowledge will serve you the best in preparing for your next house painting project and achieving your aesthetic and functional goals.

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