Ideas for Painting Your Walls a Happy Sunshine Color

Yellow, the color of sunshine is a great aid in making a happy and uplifting atmosphere at your home. There are different shades of yellow that work wonders to create an upbeat vibe and enjoy every moment at your home. Surprisingly, the shades of yellow are endless. If you are considering yellow walls, expert commercial painters Burnaby state that it is a must to know the fact that the color intensifies on the walls more than any other hue.

You will learn:
  1. Strong and bold shades of Yellow
  2. Traditional and sophisticated shades of Yellow
  3. The best rooms to paint yellow

Yellow is a color-filled life. If you want to make your house look all vibrant and happening, yellow is your color. Let us learn more about Yellow and its variants.

1. Strong and bold shades of Yellow

There are some significant shades of yellow that make their presence clear. Saffron, cadmium, lemon yellow are a few such colors to name. However, despite being too loid, these colors aren’t limited to their boldness but also bring a lot of festivity and cheerfulness to space. Sadly, they are too bright to process, and hence having yellow-colored walls may not be the most exciting thing to have at your home.

As the color is also very reflective, they may make the people in a room look dull and pale. So, where should you use such bold yellow colors? Hallways, rooms without windows, utility rooms, laundry rooms, and places that receive less natural light are ideal to be painted a bold and strong yellow.

2. Traditional and sophisticated shades of Yellow

Want to make a room more livable? Why not paint is a soft yellow to bring life in. The subtle shades of yellow are easier to use. For example, colors like butter, pale ocher, camel, and muted gold makes a room appear cozy without flashing in your eyes. You can easily match them with darker or same intensity colors.

Although pleasant, the traditional and sophisticated shades of yellow are hard to select; they can intimidate you because of their almost same appearing nature. However, whichever color you choose, you will be glad to know that they all are very appealing when paired with great contrasting colors.

3. The best rooms to paint yellow

The best painting contractors in Vancouver say that yellow can be a great color when added to the wall with intelligence. Strong shades of yellow are great to add in rooms that receive less natural light but when you paint your living room bright yellow, it may be at times too offending to sit and have a tranquil moment in the room. Similarly, soft yellow shades are best for rooms that are well lit. They would make a poorly lit room duller and unappealing. If you are planning yellow colored walls, it is best to engage professional painting contractors in Burnaby and let the experts guide you about the best shades to pick for your walls.

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